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Practical Lisp 2008


Regarding Zach Beane’s query what people are working on in Common Lisp in 2008, here is the stuff I’m currently working on in CL, all of which is in use by industrial customers:

  • Bit-accurate Reference Interpreter for Simulink/TargetLink discrete-time models, used to validate full code-generation tool-chains, comprising code-generator, compiler, linker and target hardware.

    Implementations used are both SBCL and LispWorks on Windows and Mac OS X for Intel and Power PC, to ensure diversity of implementation and prevent common-cause errors.

    Most of the code is self-written including some internal support libraries, but the code base uses ASDF, CL-PPCRE, CL-YACC, CXML, Puri, SLIME, and trivial-gray-streams. Thanks to everyone who put so much work into those.

  • Framework for target-based testing of generated code, including test-harness generation, stimulus/result management and differencing. This is also used in the validation of code-generators, same as the Reference Interpreter above.

    Also uses both SBCL and LispWorks as implementations, and makes use of many of the same libraries.

  • Model-differencing and translation toolbox, with support for FIBEX, ASCET and UML-RT. Used in the maintenance and integration of inter-ECU models in automotive development.

    This tool is implemented using LispWorks on Windows, and employs CL-PPCRE and a modified early version of xmls. Note that the tool has been used in production usage for a couple of years, and is mostly in maintenance mode.

Well, there you have it, looking forward to hearing about other users/uses!